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Truly Asia a Short Explanation of Rural and Urban

 Author: Albertus Yustinus Imas, Mira S. Lubis  Category: Etnografi  Publisher: Lembaga Literasi Dayak (LLD)  Published: 01 Jun, 2017  ISBN: 978-602-6381-51-4  Language: English  Dimension: 14x21 cm

“Malaysia Truly Asia” is one vision of Malaysia’s government. “Truly Asia” is the result of striving to make the vision become reality. It is a blend of social, cultural, and historical development in the Malaysian people.

The aspects in becoming “Truly Asia” are the people, nature, and exotic social, cultural, and historical life. This research tried to examine the relationship between indigenous peoples (Dayak) as basically inland people, and their new environment in the city on how the mechanism of peoples and goods flow in and out from the city center, as well as city life replaced rural way of life in which the motto ‘Malaysia Truly Asia’ manifested. Shortly, the Dayak and their social, cultural and historical life will be elaborated on below.

This book is written based on limited field research and literature study which were conducted in Sarawak, especially in the city of Kuching and its periphery. The Writers envisage rural and urban life of Sarawak Dayak by describing the ways in which the living spaces, job specialization and social interaction shaped them. The urban life promised attraction of good amenities such as university, economic development, transportation networking, health service, and prosperity and livelihood improvement.

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